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>Another suggestion could be a daily "happy hour" --maybe late rather than
>early, when films are over--for instance, 11pm at the pool at the
>In general, I'd suggest something more informal than a "meeting" because
>it keeps things more open for more people.

Sounds good to me. I just went in a couple of circles around the issue of
Internet access. It doesn't look like I'll have it in Burkina Faso. So,
that leaves more time for *festivities* and meeting people.

I'll be at the Sofitel.
How far is that from the Independence?
Will we be able to walk to the viewings or take cabs/busses?

I wonder if we can get a city map before we get there?
I'd like to know where all our activities will be located (viewing sites
for festival, restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels, US embassy,
airport, etc.). I like to plan ahead. It sure would help to know
something about where I'll be.

While I have your attention everybody,
prema = 8< )

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