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Mon, 03 Feb 97 22:48:00 PST

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Hey Steve,
Thanks for the news. I think we can try to get together at FESPACO; maybe
for a quick breakfast at L'Vive (The nun's restaurant) or at Hotel
Independance's lobby at the beginning of the festival. Like Sunday morning
9:30 am before screenings start. If we can't organize it before we go,
maybe we can tell people to be on the lookout for a flyer/poster at Hotel
Independance. I would like to meet to talk about our uses of the Internet
to disseminate info - how people have used listserves, and if it has been
useful in the classroom for those of us who teach.

I would love to get a list of who is going as soon as possible - especially
from any filmmakers as I still have not sent my print and am wondering what
to do or what shippers have been successful there. -Thanks, Zeinabu

Zeinabu irene Davis "Strategy is better than
Associate Professor strength." - Hausa proverb,
Northwestern University West Africa
Department of Radio-TV-Film
1905 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208-2270
Phone: 847-467-1164
Fax: 847-467-2389

Note from the moderator - My feeling is to bring the film print with you. I

know we had a problem last time with a print going astray and only finding
out in the theater at our first showing when the the wrong print started
showing. I appreciate that it may be heavy, but there is only one way to
really know it gets there - to deliver it yourself. cheers, Steve Smith

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