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Here's an interesting list - it missed one critical one with lots of African

film information:
the African Cinema home page:
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Subject: A Borrowed Web Site List
Date: Friday, 31 January, 1997 6:09AM


Search Engines:

Yahoo -- Movies and Films:
Deja News -- source for subject searching internet newsgroups:


Internet Movie Database:
The Motion Picture Guide:

Organizations, Libraries and Archives:

American Film Institute:
Library of Congress Early Motion Picture Site:
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences:
UCLA Film and Television Archive:
Director's Guild of America
Film Studies Association of Canada:
Museum of Broadcast Communications:


Imax the Technology:
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers:
Movie Sound Page:
Dolby Lab News:
Film Formats:

Film History and Criticism:

GRAFICS Early Cinema Server (Universite de Montreal):
History of Communication Media Technologies:
Association francaise de recherche sur l'histoire du cinema
Taylorology (reprints of early magazine and newspaper articles on silent
film people):
University of Minnesota Movie Review Database:
SOFIA (Study of Film as Internet Application):
The File Room - Censorship:
Film Document Library (film genres):
Video: The Video and Movie Review Database (Iowa State):

Motion Picture Industry -- Students:

Independent Film & Video Makers Internet Resource Guide:
Mandy's Film & TV Directory:
Perequito Productions for film students and filmmakers:

Meta Guides and Links:

Berkeley Media Resources:
MCS Media and Communication Studies Site:
ScreenSite: Film & TV Resources:
Take Two (Internet Guide to Film & TV):
TV Links Film and Television Website Archive:
Cinema Sites:
France Cinema Multimedia:
Flicker (Alternative Cinema Site)
American Communication Association (scholarly links):
Media Related Listserv and E-Journals:

Media - Cinema periodicals/journals:
List of cinema/media journals (Web pages for journals -- not full-text)
Premiere Magazine:
The Hollywood Reporter:
Microsoft Cinemania Online:

Bibliographic access:

Electric Library (pay for full text, citations free)
Film History and Criticism Sources in the UC Berkeley Libraries:

and The American Film Institute is pleased to announce the launch of a
new film and video preservation section on its ever-growing and
award-winning Web site, AFI OnLine.

Video and laserdisc sites:

Kino On-Line:
California Newsreel:
Video Oyster (Out of print, hard to find, rare (and therefore expensive)
Ken Crane's Laserdisc Superstore:

Interesting Specific Sites:

Stanley Kubrick Web Site:
Alfred Hitchcock WWW:
The Hitchcock Page:
Alfred Hitchcock Scholars Meet Here: the McGuffin Web Page:
The Martin Scorsese Page:
The Film 100 (the 100 most influential film people):
Cross-Cultural Film Guide (Africa, Asia, Latin America):
Women in Cinema -- A Reference Guide:

prepared by:

Oksana Dykyj,
Head, Visual Media Resources
Audio-Visual Department
Concordia University


Jay Ruby, Temple University, PO Box 128, Mifflintown PA 17059 USA
Office- 215-204-7513 Fax - 717-436-9559 Email -

"Television is a medium, so called because it is neither rare nor well
done." Ernie Kovacs

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