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Date: Saturday, 25 January, 1997 12:00AM

Netters in Southern California

The Magic Johnson theatres at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza will be
holding a Pan African Film Festival from January 29 to February 9. Two films
from Zimbabwe will show and these are FLAME (Jan 31, 20:10hrs) and
EVERYONE'S CHILD (Jan 30, 15:00hrs). After the showing of Flame there
will be a Q&A session with the director Ingrid Sinclair. There will
also be films from other African states, notably South Africa "Soweto
Green" and a combined US/SA documentary "Mandela", films from Senegal,
Egypt, Ghana, Cameroun and Burkina Faso.

For details you can call (213) 896-8221 or (213) 290-5900.

Short summaries for the two Zimbabwean Films below.


Director Tsitsi Dangarembga

Tamari and Itai are devasted following the tragic deaths of their
parents. As family and neighbours turn their heads, the children are
left with nothing. Frustrated and despairing, Itai tries his luck in
the big city, leaving Tamari to fend for herself and their younger
brother and sister. Hauntingly beautiful soundtrack performed by famed
mbira player and singer Chiwoniso Maraire.

FLAME 90 min

Director Ingrid Sinclair

A film about the war of liberation that changed Rhodesia to Zimbabwe,
but above all a great tribute to all those African women who fought so
fearlessly for their freedom. Flame and Liberty are two young
women seeking liberation from themselves and their countrymen. Their
personal joys, sorrows and triumphs are brought to life in this
beautifully photographed story of courage and bravery.

Director's Q&A session after.


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