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Fri, 31 Jan 97 17:42:00 PST

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From: dag.asbjornsen
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Date: Thursday, 19 December, 1996 12:26PM

Dear Steve.
The Films from the South Festival is sending Mrs. Liv Kolstad Zehouo as our
representative to Fespaco 1997. I've noticed that you had some
recommendations on good hotels but unfortunately I deleted the mail. We
would therefore be grateful if you could mail us the address of the hotels
you recommend in Ouaga.

Looking forward to see you there!

(Liv Kolstad Zehouo)
Dag Asbj|rnsen
Department of Media and Communication
University of Oslo, Faculty of Arts
P.O. Box 1093 Blindern
N-0317 OSLO
Tel: +47 22 85 04 35
=46ax: +47 22 85 04 01

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