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My name is Cassie Sade Turnipseed. I am president of the Universal Media
Exchange (UME) which is a film/video distribution service, specializing in
Africa and the Caribbean. I am very excited to report that I will be
attending FESPACO next month and hoped that I could initiate contact with
coordinators, such as yourself prior to my arrival. Due to the nearness of
the festival, unfortunately there is probably little that I can do in terms
of promotional assistance in the USA, however, I do wish to extend my
services to you for any function you may perceive appropriate given my
expertise. I hold a MBA in International Management, a MS in
Telecommunications and a BA in Film and Video production and I have many
years of experience as a film festival judge in the San Francisco area.
Additional, I have extended skills as a television programming director for
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). I have attached a recent resume for your

I applaud the efforts of FESPACO and look forward to a very enriching time
in Burkina Faso.


C. Sade Turnipseed, President
Universal Media Exchange

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