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Dear Jeanette & African-Cinema-Conference,

Greetings from Hawaii!
I have the "Eyes on the Prize" series of videotapes.
The series is wonderful!
Bravo, Blackside!

I attended FESPACO this year!
I saw about 5 films per day, including the one that won the Stallion award.
I even got the signature of one VIP's associated with the winning film,
"Wend Kuuni" , who was at the viewing which I attended.

BTW, does anybody know who the Black man in the safari hat was. His first
name is Joseph. He is connected to "Wend Kuuni". I couldn't tell if he
was the screenwriter or the director or what..... I don't speak French. He
had some really fine clothes on every time I saw him.

I have commented further, below:

At 12:40 PM 3/24/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Originally from: jeanette_woods@O2IS.COM (Jeanette Woods)
>Originally dated: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 12:40:00 -0500
>I am part of the US
>contingent working on the Multimedia Media Africa project under the
>production of Kwaw Ansah, based in Accra, Ghana and Blackside, out of
>Boston. We made a festival planner that talked about the project and I
>would love feedback from anyone who received it.

Jeanette, what a coincidence! I used the festival planner to schedule the
movies which I attended. The festival planner was printed in English on
one side and in French on the other side. I thought is was one of the
really helpful pieces of paper that I carried around with me while in
Burkina Faso.

The festival planner was my "Day Timer in Ouagadougou"! It was great to be
able to look at my festival planner and see my viewing schedule. I even
read the credits to see who came up with such a good idea. I saved my
festival planner for posterity. + 8< )

I smiled to myself when I saw that Blackside had done it. I've been
hearing the Blackside name frequently, since I read about your project in
Ghana. BTW, my Ghana project is the Encyclopaedia Africana:

Hopefully, Blackside will discover the EAP and be interested in doing a
motion picture project with them too. For info about the EAP, contact:
Mrs. Grace Bansa (see Cc line)

Say hello to Kenny Granderson, Inner-City Software, for me.
I'll see you in Ouagadougou in '99!!!!

prema = 8< )

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