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Tue, 25 Mar 97 10:13:00 PST

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"Whom Do I Turn To?"

This video focuses on the problems of a girl who becomes pregnant after
having sex "ONCE" with the boyfriend. Due to lack of right information on
reproductive health education, both the girl and the boy believe that having

sex, "ONCE ONLY" could not make a girl pregnant and as a result the boy
denies the responsibility and the girl regrets why she yielded.

Despite the fact that the boy denied the responsibility, he later becomes
concerned and blames society for not providing information on sexuality and
its consequences.

In the video, a well informed school girl who has learned the consequences
of teenage pregnancy from her sister, faces the lust of a school boy and she

successfully defends herself. Her negative response towards the boy's
desires, sets a good example of what kind of impact sex education could have

if it is taught to our youth.

Teenage pregnancy brings misunderstandings between family members and should
be handled with great care to reduce family violence.

"Whom Do I Turn To?" video also provokes thinking on the issues of gender,
abortion, family planning and HIV/AIDS.

The message in the video provokes the policy makers, church leaders and
parents to realize the need to address adolescence health and sexuality
issues by providing sustained, realistic and innovative approaches for
family life education programs.

Available in English, VHS PAL- 28 minutes

Produced by Worldview International Foundation, Kenya in collaboration with

Available from:
DSR, Inc
9111 Guilford Road
Columbia, MD 21046, USA
Tel: 301-490-3500
Fax: 301-490-4146

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