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Subject: Film Licensing (help)
Date: Thursday, 03 April, 1997 4:08PM

The Namibian Government has drafted a bill which would require all film and
video productions to be licensed. They claim that it is protect the Nambian
film industry. However there is no provision to exempt Namibian companies -
something that has been removed from a previous draft. The bill also covers
television production. Filming without a license carries a fine and up to
six months imprisonment.

I urgently need help to locate resourses such as other film/video laws and
information on how other countries support their local film industry.


John Barker, Regional Programme
Coordinator (Broadcasting)
Media Institute of Southern Africa
Private Bag 13386,
9 Mozart Street
Windhoek, NAMIBIA
Tel: +264 61 232975 Fax +264 61 248016

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