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The question about fair price has to be framed with more specifics. I am
running a scholarly conference--the African Literature Association
Conference--in which many films will be screened, and some in 16 mm. We
charge no admission to the screenings, and they are running for the duration
of the conference. At anything more than a nominal price, we couldn't do
this. We think this affords hundreds of people an opportunity to learn about
African film, and then to go on to teach it.
If admission were being charged, fees of $200 or more would be acceptable.
Major festivals are not the same as small affairs. Non-commercial showings
should not be treated the same as commercial ones.
Ken Harrow

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>Originally dated: Wed, 09 Apr 97 11:12:00 PDT
>Jonny Persey, who is the distributor of "Everyone's Child" in Europe,
>recently asked me what was a fair rental price for the film for a festival
>in Britain. They had offered him 60-100 UK pounds or US$100-150 for one
>show. I responded to go for the maximum, as in the USA we charge usually
>$400-450, although often we get less than that. We have to figure that a
>$2000 print only has so many showings in it's life, and also we have to
>a reasonable amount to cover our time and promotional costs.
>What do you all feel is fair for a festival rental price for a single
>showing of a 35mm print?

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