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Seattle-- Mwoyo Arts, a contemporary African gallery, is
holding a Southern Africa Film Festival to coincide with Zimbabwe's
Independence Day (April 18). The week long festival features films from
Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, and Zaire. All screenings are at Mwoyo
Arts, 421 East Pine, Seattle, USA and will begin at 7:30. A discussion led
by a
Zimbabwean moderator will follow each film. $3 donation requested. For
more information, please call (206) 322-9434.

The following is a description of the films included in the festival:

Everyone's Child (Zimbabwe); Friday 4/18
Zimbabwe's first feature film to be directed by a woman, the film dramatizes
the plight of children orphaned by AIDS. Tamari and Itayi are devastated
following the tragic death of their parents. As family and neighbors turn
their heads, the children are left with nothing. Only tragedy can make the
community realize that these are everyone's children.

Neria (Zimbabwe); Saturday 4/19
This saga questions the relevance of traditional culture in an ever changing
society as a widow is stripped of all possessions by her late husband's
brother. Empowered by desperation, she fights against this custom.

Jit (Zimbabwe); Sunday 4/20
A romantic comedy set in a contemporary Zimbabwean township. UK is
determined to win the heart of Sofi, a stately beauty closely guarded by her
gangster boyfriend. His efforts are helped and hindered by Jukwa, a pesky
ancestral spirit. "Giddy upbeat. Has the antic anything goes spirit of the
Beatles first movies." New York Times

Dark City (South Africa); Tuesday 4/22
Filmed entirely in Zimbabwe, this epic story is a reminder of the whirlwind
of violence in South Africa. "The mental torture of an entire people is
embodied in the anguish of one man as Victor agonizes over whether or not
violence can be justified in the face of extreme provocation." Sunday Times

La Vie Est Belle (Life is Rosy) (Zaire); Wednesday 4/23
This film takes us inside the vibrant music scene of Kinshasha, Zaire's
capital. It's back alleys and nightclubs pulsate to the beat of some of the
most influential musicians in the world. A rags to riches story of a poor
rural musician who finally gets his big break on TV. Starring Papa Wemba, a
legendary figure of world music. French with English subtitles.

A Child from the South (Mozambique); Thursday 4/24
A powerful story of love and courage shot entirely in war torn Mozambique.
South African born Nadia returns to Africa after having spent her youth in
European exile. She is both disheartened by the violence that she
and exhilarated at having found her roots in a country where the people are
her own. Starring Alex Descas and Josette Simon (Cry Freedom).

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