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We are seeking essays on film and popular music for a new anthology which
Duke University Press has provisionally agreed to publish. Our goal is to
compile a reader on film and popular music that will be useful for
undergraduate and graduate classes in film and/or popular music, and that
could appeal to trade audiences as well. For the purposes of this volume,
"popular" will mean primarily sung music, including Tin Pan Alley, disco,
rock, pop, jazz and easy listening. Within this rubric, we will consider
music written specifically for films, prereleased/prerecorded music on
film, diegetic music and nondiegetic music. We are interested in a variety
of uses of popular music, encompassing a range of genres (musicals,
documentary, avant-garde, short films, etc.), national cinemas, directors,
musical performers, and formal and ideological issues.

Possible topics might include but are not limited to:
- questions of race, ethnicity, sex, and gender in relation to the
use of popular music in film
- the circulation of film music outside the film text and the
relationship between film and records/Cds -- including marketing
soundtracks, the Best Song Category at the Academy Awards, "covers" and
"quotation" with regard to film soundtracks
- popular music and memory/nostalgia/postmodernism
- representations of recording, performing, buying, listening to
popular music
- new theories of the sound/image relation -- including the
slippery distinction between diegetic and nondiegetic music in film,
fidelity of the sound, lipsynching ("visible" and "invisible"), music as
"wallpaper", etc.
- new theories of the musical and essays on "new" musicals
(Everybody Says I Love You, Evita, The Adventures of Priscilla, etc)

Send abstracts or papers to BOTH:

Pamela Robertson Arthur Knight
Department of English American Studies Program
University of Newcastle College of William and Mary
Callaghan, Newcastle NSW 2308 P.O. Box 8795
AUSTRALIA Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795

For more information, write to
Deadline: 31 May 1997

JAY RUBY - Temple University - PO Box 128, Mifflintown, PA 17059
USA fax - 717-436-9559 voice - 717-436-9502

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