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I got a mailing from the Indian University Press the other day, and thought
I'd share with you the 3 listings on African cinema. I'm not sure of these
prices, as there seems to be discounts for some people. To order call 800
842 6796; fax 812 855 7931, or email to
cheers, Steve Smith
Edited by Imruh Bakari and Mbye Cham
This collection brings together historical documents, contemporary
testimonies, and critical essays. Filmmakers, scholars, and critics link
aesthetics, history, politics, and ideology in African cinema, as well as
cultural, social, and economic forces.
Sales territory is limited to North America
Distributed for the British Film Institute
1996, 224 pp; $49.95

Edited by Frank Ukadike
Limited by exigencies of production and distribution, but maintaining an
urgent cultural agenda, African cinema has struggled to assert distinct
indigenous voices representative of African experience.
1995,176pp; $10.35

Politics and Culture
Manthia Diawara
"Diawara has produced a useful history, a cogent analysis, and, in his
arguments on how African cinema should develop, an undoubtedly controversial

-Studies in Popular Culture
Blacks in the Diaspora
1992 ,208 pp; $35.00

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