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Date: Tuesday, 29 April, 1997 7:30AM

Yellow Springs, Ohio
July 2-25

The Summer Documentary Institute at Antioch College will involve daily
intensive course work in documentary production, screenings and
presentations by distinguished documentarians and workshops led by
cutting-edge film makers on production, thematic issues and other concerns.

The Institute provides hands-on opportunities to study, screen and work
in documentary production. In addition to a rich variety of recent
documentaries and dialogues with the filmmakers, the Institute will
involve a panel discussion on "The State of the Documentary".

Participants in the Institute include:
-George Stoney (The Uprising of '34)
-Zeinabu Irene Davis (A Powerful Thang)
-Andy Garrison and Anne Lewis (Appalshop)
-Marlon Fuentes (Bontoc Eulogy)
-Jim Klein (Letter to the Next Generation)
-Anne Bohlen (With Babies and Banners)
-Steve Bognar (Personal Belongings)
-Julia Reichert (Union Maids, Seeing Red)
-Dan Friedman & Sharon Grimberg (Miss India Georgia)
-Barbara Kopple (Harlan County, USA, The American Dream)
-Marty Rosenbluth (Jerusalem: An Occupation Set in Stone?)
-Aishah Shahida Simmons (Rape Documentary Project NO!)
Other participants will be announced. The Institute will also involve a
screening of the traveling Margaret Meade Documentary Film Festival: one
program focuses on the works of the late Peter Adair, an Antioch Alum
whose films "Holy Ghost People", "Word is Out" and "Absolutely Positive"
will be screened.

For more information about the Antioch Documentary Institute:

Call: 937-767-6406
Toll Free 800-543-9436
web site:

Bob Devine
Antioch College
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387
(937) 767-6490

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