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Many of you know about DER's distribution of film and
video programs to the educational market since 1968-69.

A lesser known service has been the film production
support our organization has provided to filmmakers primarily
in the 1970's-mid 1980's thanks to the interests and
influence of John Marshall. We have again invested
some of our resources in expanding our post-production
facilities. While we do not provide funding for outside
projects, we do provide free consulting time to independent
filmmakers and visual anthropolgists.



Clients will be provided with the AVID MC XPRESS with broadcast
quality output, storage space, the use of 3/4S, SVHS or Beta decks
and an editor. The extent to which they would choose to hire the
facilities would depend on their personal preferences and the
scope of their projects. They may choose to do their rough cut at
D.E.R and finish their project with an online edit at another facility or
complete the entire project at D.E.R. They may book editing time
by the hour, single shift or successive shifts. A SCANNING service
for still pictures and slides will be provided if needed for an extra
Staff currently working at D.E.R. can be contracted to do these jobs
on an as-needed basis. D.E.R is also currently editing a major production
on an AVID MC 900 with over 49 gigabytes of memory.

We are also offering an INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL EDITING workshop for
people who have some background in film production and editing but have no
experience in working in the digital environment. An intensive one day
workshop would introduce students to the basics of digitizing, organizing
media files, creating bins and working on simple time lines. They may
choose to return for a second day to get more hands-on time and personal
supervision. This workshop will be offered as often as required and
scheduled on weekends. Students will be provided with a list of institutes
offering more advanced courses in the Boston area should they want to
continue to learn about digital editing. Those wishing to apply this
experience to working on the World Wide Web can take an additional
one day workshop With Gardner, D.E.R.Us Webmaster who has
been working on the internet since 1968.


In summer of 1997 we will be offering a video workshop for local
teachers. It will include basic principles of filming, a brief history of
the evolution from film to video to digital image manipulation/editing
will be covered. Teachers will be working in teams. Video techniques
will be demonstrated and each team will be responsible for creating
their own finished piece. Video will be approached as a tool for
engaging students and as a vehicle for learning curriculum related content.


Clients who edit at D.E.R. will have the services of Sandeep Ray as
editor and technician at all times. All technical queries that they have in
connection to their projects should be addressed to him. They may also elect
to take advantage of our professional consulting, bookkeeping and
accounting services. We can advise on grant application and funding


A preliminary meeting is held at D.E.R. with all perspective clients.
At this time we evaluate the job, review footage, discuss content, goals,
projected audience, funding and possible distribution of the project.
General rates for editing are listed at $60. per hour including editor.
We will give quotes to bring projects to completion and will do our
best to work within restricted budgets.

Call us at 1-800-569-6621 to schedule an appointment.
See us on the Web:

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