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"Responding to a recent inquiry on the Burkina Faso film industry, perhaps
the following information might be useful:

There are 55 annotated entries on Burkina Faso videos in the recently
published book (September 1996) VIDEOS OF AFRICAN AND
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Subject coverage is extremely broad,
and all videos could be purchased at the time of writing.
Included are a Distributors Index, Names Index and 37 page Subject Index.

You might also wish to contact Taale Laafi Rossellini of African Family
Films, 903 Pacific Avenue, Suite 307A, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, e-mail

He is an award-winning filmmaker who has produced a number of videos about
Burkina Faso and its people that are included in the above-mentioned book.
He might have some suggestions regarding the film industry there.


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Evanston, Illinois 60204
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