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For those *out there* who are interested in Mami Wata or in
African religions more generally, Kathleen Wicker asked me to
post the following:

Produced by Kathleen O'Brien Wicker and Kofi Asare Opoku.

The first two videos in this new series are an engaging documentary
of rituals celebrated at the Abidjan Mamiwater Shrine at Abidjan
Mamiwater Village in the Eastern Region, Ghana, and the Tsigaa No. 1
Shrine in Moree, Central Region, Ghana. They will be of special
interest to departments and programs in:

- African Dance - African Music - African Studies
- Anthropology - Art History - Cultural Studies
- Gender Studies - Religious Studies -Ritual Studies
- Sociology

"Priesthood and Ritual in Ghana: Abidjan Mamiwater Shrine"

This video was photographed at the Abidjan Mamiwater Village
Shrine located on the banks of the Volta River in the Eastern
Region, Ghana. It documents the "Fetatotro," the annual
Festival of the Divinities, celebrated at the Village in 1994,
which includes pouring of libation to the Divinities and
Ancestors, rituals of Ade, festivities for Tohono, the sacrifice
of a bull to Mami Water, and the purification of the stools of
Ablo. The "Nutikloklo Kpe Konu," a purification ritual, was
conducted on the occasion of the death of Togbi Abidjan
Mamiwater's wife in 1993.

Color/1 Hour 2 Mins./Ewe and English
U.S.A. (VHS-NTSC) $95.00 (VHS- HI-8) $145.00

"Priesthood and Ritual in Ghana: Moree Maame Water"

Taped at Moree in the Central Region, Ghana, this video
documents the "Afahye," the annual Festival of the Divinities,
including Maame Water, which was celebrated at the Tsigaa No. 1
Shrine by its priest, Bosomfo Kow Tawiah, in 1995; the ritual
Closing and Opening of the "Emfa" Lagoon in Moree in 1995 and
1996; Aba Yaba's work as a Maame Water priestess; and an
interview with Kwesi Kaya, a Moree fisherman who is a devotee
of Maame Water.

Color/1 Hour 1 Min./Fante and English
U.S.A. (VHS-NTSC) $95.00 (VHS-HI-8) $145.00

Make check or money order payable to Scripps College.
(International orders - $195.00 per video. Pay by
international money order. Specify format. Shipping and handling
included.) Send completed order form and payment to GerberMedia
Industries, P.O. Box 1873, Upland, CA 91785-1873, U.S.A.

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