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Sat, 24 May 97 09:29:00 PDT

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I though this might interest some of you... It is a bit off our topic, but
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Subject: Communication for Sustainable Development
Date: Friday, May 23, 1997 7:19AM


This is to inform Devmedia about the work of a network, entitled the
Communication for Sustainable Development Group.

The group consists of resource persons and NGOs, particularly in the
Third World, who are committed to participatory communication for
sustainable development.

The group believes in bringing communication, in its entirety, into the
centre of the sustainable development debate. Communication is the key
to sustainable development. Without people's participation there can
never be sustainable development.

The group has: pioneered concepts highlighting the links between
communication and sustainable development; created and established
innovative alternative communication programmes in the South and North;
solid experience in creating and establishing communication programmes
(including video, press, radio, inter-personal, and grassroot
campaigns); conducted training programmes to sensitize media personnel
to report on development and environment issues; assisted NGOs,
community organisations, and disadvantaged groups to develop their
communication capacities and established communication units; and
produced quality material in audio-visual and print media.

Particulary in video, the groups has produced documentaries containing
field evidence: demonstrating the effectiveness of communication in
solving development and environment issues; the cost-effectiveness of
communication programmes; and that communication can change the price of
bread for disadvantaged groups.

The group is committed to using communication for sustainable
development, advocacy and change.

The group is interested in linking up and working with like minded
groups and organisations in implementing democratic and effective
communication programmes for action and change.

For further information, contact: Don de Silva, Communication for
Sustainable Development Group (CSDG), 97 Tudor Avenue, Watford, Herts
WD2 4NU, England. Tel: 00 44 1923 251502 Fax: 00 44 1923 242918 E-mail:

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