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Dear Colleagues, I'm afraid that I omitted mention of
Suzanne MacRae's fine article in the special issue of
*MATATU* dealing with Women and African Cinema.
Her article is titled "The Mature and Older Women of African
Film." The corrected TOC appears below.
Ken Harrow

--Kenneth Harrow, "Introduction"
--Suzanne MacRae, "The Mature and Older Women of African
--Stephen Zacks, "A Problematic Sign of Difference in
--Beti Ellerson, "The Female Body as Symbol of Change and
Dichotomy: Conflicting Paradigms in the Representation of
Womenin AFrican FIlm"
--Ratiba Hadj-Moussa: "The Locus of Tension: Gender in
Algerian Cinema"
--J.O.J.Nwachukwu-Agbada, "Women in Igbo Language Films"
--Mildred Mortimer, "Nouveau Regard, nouvelle parole: le
cinema d'Assia Djebar"
--Madeleine Borgomano, "Visage de femmes: lecture
intertextuelle de *Finzan* et *Les Soleils des
--William Vincent, "The Unreal Yet Visible Line: Difference
and Desire for the Other in *Chocolat*"
--Kenneth W. Harrow, "Women with Open Eyes, Women of Stone
and Hammers: The Problematic Encounter between Western
Feminism and African Feminist Filmmaking Practice"
--Nancy Schmidt, "Sub-Saharan African Women FIlmmakers:
Agendas for Research. Bibliography"
--Emilie Ngo-Nguidjol, "Focusing on Women in African Cinema:
An Annotated Bibligraphy"

Creative Writing: Three poems by Taban Lo Liyong and three
poems by J.B. Tati-Leotard

--SPEAKING FOR WOMEN: Interview with Anne Mungai (Frances
--*Sarraounia*: An Epic of Resistance. Interview with Med
Hondo (Francoise Pfaff)

Reviews, etc.

The volume can be ordered:
For USA/CANADA: from Rodopi B.V., 2015 S. Park
Place, Atlanta, GA 30339. tel 770-933-0027; 1-800-225-3998;
fax 770-933-9644; e-mail

or for other places: From
Editions Rodopi B.V., Keizersgracht 302-304, 1016 EX
Amsterdam, The NEtherlands. tel: 31(0)20-622-7507; fax

paperback: $25, Hfl 40
hardback: $78, Hfl 125

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