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Here is an interesting bit from The Nation, Nairobi, Kenya 20 April 1997,
sent to me by Dommie Yambo-Odotte:

M-Net's "New Directions" Film Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

Thursday was the final day of shooting for Ingolo Wa Keya's film "The
Baisikol" which should be ready for screening by June this year. The 26
minute film is funded by M-Net as part of its New Directions project to
promote film production in the country and was produced by Dommie
Yambo-Odotte. The ten-day shoot involved a cast 20 people and a crew of 30,

all Kenyan except for two - a South African soundman and a continuity
person. South African producer Richard Green, said: "The Baiskol is a
Kenyan film which has flown on it's own. I haven't had to do that much,
which is a mark of the professionalism and expertise of the crew and our
producer Dommie. "Dommie has delivered on time and within budget. She has
delivered a quality product and her enthusiasm and negotiating skills have
helped to keep the project on track." The Baiskol is based on the winning
script of an M-Net sponsored film script-writing competition. On television

entertainment, Multichoice is having a test ran of a recently acquired
Indian movie package coming under Sony of India. Most Nairobi television
owners have been receiving the signal and sources at Multichoice confirmed
this will continue for the duration of the tests. After the tests, Sony
will only be received by subscribers of Multichoice.

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