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Yellow Springs, Ohio
July 2-25

The Summer Documentary Institute at Antioch College will involve hands-on
documentary production, videography, editing, intensive discussion on
producing, directing and the ethics of documentary, the Margaret Mead
Film Festival and workshops and screenings by TWENTY remarkable visiting
film and videomakers in a unique month of non-stop documentary activity.

Visiting Artists:

Barbara Kopple, two-time Academy Award winning director of Harlan County
U.S.A., American Dream, The Mike Tyson Story and the forthcoming

Yvonne Welbon, filmmaker, writer and critic who=D5s film Remembering Wei Yi
fang, Remembering Myself... aired nationally on the PBS series P.O.V.

George Stoney, veteran filmmaker and NYU professor of documentary,
producer of the award winning Uprising of and How the Myth was Made.

Julia Reichert, two-time Academy Award nominee for Seeing Red and Union
Maids, co-founder of the acclaimed distribution company New Day Films.

Zeinabu irene Davis, writer, producer and director of award winning
documentary and narrative work, including Plantation Mysteries, Cycles
and A Powerful Thang

Marlon Fuentes, filmmaker, photographer and conceptual artist whose work
explores ethnicity, identity and cinematic truth. His most recent film
is Bontoc Eulogy, which headlined the Margaret Mead Film Festival.

Ann Lewis, veteran filmmaker of Appalshop, the Appalachian film and
cultural center, whose widely-seen work includes Fast Food Women and
Justice in the Coalfields.

Jim Klein, two-time Academy Award nominee whos last two films, Letter to
the Next Generation and Taken for a Ride aired nationally on the PBS
series P.O.V.

Alex Rivera, experimental/documentary maker whose work takes a decidedly
irreverent attitude toward the usual boundaries between documentary,
experimental, animated and fictional filmmaking. Maker of the award
winning Papa Papa.

Indu Krishnan, maker of Knowing Her Place, exploring gender roles within
India, currently in active distribution with Women Make Movies

Andy Garrison, filmmaker, cinematographer and sound recordist of numerous
Appalshop documentaries, whose work has appeared on the PBS series
Frontline and P.O.V.

Aishah Shahidah Simmons, whose work Silence...Broken and In My Fathers
House explore the intersections between the African American, Lesbian and
Feminist communities.

Dan Friedman and Sharon Grimberg, filmmakers of the acclaimed new
documentary Miss India Georgia, which chronicles the cultural and
generational clashes within a unique beauty pageant in Atlanta for young
Indian women.

Anne Bohlen, Academy Award nominated filmmaker of With Babies and Banners
and the nationally distributed look at Americas extreme right-wing,
Blood in the Face.

Tom Hayes and Riad Bahhur, whose acclaimed, provocative new documentary
People and the Land, explores the connections between U.S. tax dollars,
the Israeli military and the oppression of Palestinian peoples.

Veena Cabreros-Sud, whose film Stretchmark has played at the Locarno Film
Festival, the British Short Film Festival and numerous other festivals.

Marty Rosenbluth, veteran filmmaker and activist, whose film Palestine,
an Occupation Set in Stone? thoughtfully examines the ongoing struggle
for land and peace in the Middle East.

Steven Bognar, whose film Personal Belongings has played at over two
dozen film festivals, including Sundance, San Francisco, the Black Maria
and which aired nationally on the PBS series POV.

Participants can attend the entire Documentary Institute, or choose to
attend a special "Film Frenzy" and distinguished panel on "The State of
the Documentary, July 17, 18 and 19. For more information about the Antioc

Documentary Institute:

Call: 937-767-6406
Toll Free 800-543-9436
web site:

Bob Devine
Antioch College
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387
(937) 767-6490

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