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Dear friends,

We've joined the African Cinema Conference and our moderator
asked that we would write a short introduction on IRIS Imaginacoes.
So to be no longer in debt, here we go.

IRIS Imagainations is a recently established film and video
production company.

We are 4 in the company (one mozambican, two dutch and one
portuguese) equally spread among both sexes. All have a large
experience in documentary and drama productions in and outside
Mozambique and have done some commercials.

Last year two of us held key positions in the largest production ever
in Mozambique: a 300 minute TV series and 120 minute feature film,
produced by the Norwegian Broadcast Company NRK and STUDIO
ReGiN, an independent Norwegian production company.

Three of us were also involved in Mozambique's first Television Drama
Series "Nao e preciso empurrar", (there is no need to push) shot in
1995 as Executive Producer, Delegate Producer and Actor's Director

Right now we are working on a multi-media project involving cartoon
books, puppet theatre, radio drama and hopefully animated video.
We are developing a series of short stories around a young girl and
her community living in a rural area somewhere in Mozambique.

A second project is a 50 minute documentary about the land issue
where we will do an experiment with farmer communities filming
their own situation.

Anyone who's got experience in this or knows interesting films made
by the "subjects" themselves can give us a ring or e-mail.

Than we've joint the Mozambican Producer's effort to get
production money from the Portuguese satellite Station RTP-Africa for
some of our ideas.

We are in for co-productions or other forms of cooperation.

That's it for the moment. You want to know more, please don't hesitate
to contact.

See you somewhere on the net, in real live or in the old fashioned

Bert Sonnenschein, Francisca Serrao, Emmy Bosten, Orlando Mesquita
Iris Imaginacoes
Rua Dar-Es-Salaam 305
Caixa Postal 538 tel: 258-1-491331
Maputo fax: 258-1-491628
Mozambique e-mail:

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