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Originally dated: Fri, 20 Jun 97 09:50:00 PDT (I've been trying to post this for days,

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Dear Steve,

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming conference. Following is
the information you requested. Please send us a copy of the newsletter
when it is published to: Tanya Kersey-Henley, Black Talent News, 6740
Springpark Avenue, Suite 104, Los Angeles, CA 90056.


For Immediate Release

Announcing ... Infotainment 97: Toronto
Black Talent News and the Black Film & Video Network
Join Forces to Present Entertainment Conference

Los Angeles, California, June 12, 1997 -- Tanya Kersey-Henley, publisher
and editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles-based, Black Talent News, has
announced its partnership with the Toronto-based, Black Film & Video
Network to host INFOTAINMENT 97: TORONTO. The one-day conference will
be held on Monday, September 8, 1997, at Metro Hall, 55 John Street, in

Infotainment 97: Toronto was developed as an integrated
informational, networking and marketing event to afford African
Americans, African Canadians and persons from the African diaspora, the
opportunity to participate in information-packed lectures, seminars,
panel and roundtable discussions with many of the entertainment
industry's leading professionals, says Ms. Kersey-Henley. The
conference offers film and video makers the opportunity to meet their
professional colleagues in an atmosphere dedicated to exploring issues
relevant to their career needs.

Infotainment 97: Toronto is committed to assisting film and
video makers in finding resources to develop their projects and
enhance the possibilities for production and distribution.
Participants will be offered vital information on all aspects of
producing, including development, budgeting, and working with a
broad range of independent companies in the African diaspora
and in the mainstream entertainment international arena, says
Hazel Da Breo, Executive Director of the Black Film &
Video Network (BFVN).

The registration fee for Infotainment 97: Toronto is $60 and $50
for BFVN members.

Along with the day-long Infotainment activities, the Black Film &
Video Network will hold its 8th Annual Reel Black Awards and Reception on
Saturday, September 6, at the Glenn Gould Studio, CBC, 250 Front Street
in Toronto. Admission is $40 or $25 for Network members. On Sunday,
September 7, the Network also hosts a Salute to Planet Africa Gala,
location TBA. Admission is by invitation only, or with a ticket to the
Reel Black Awards.

Black Talent News is the leading trade publication for African
Americans in the entertainment industry, covering the film, television,
theatre and music industries.

The Black Film & Video Network is a non-profit organization of
professional film and video makers supporting and promoting the
development of African Canadian film and video production. It is the
only association for Black filmmakers in Canada.

Toronto is home to North America's third-largest film production
centre. The Toronto International Film Festival is the #1 film
festival in North America. Planet Africa is the only program of its
kind in the world.

For more information contact Black Talent News events hotline at
(310) 226-8497, or the Black Film & Video Network at (416) 504-1442.

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