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In reply to your response: To subscribe to Black Talent News, send a check
or money order (U.S. Dollars) for $21 for one year (10 issues) or $36 for
two years (20 issues) to Black Talent News, P.O. Box 83627, Los Angeles, CA

FYI, Black Talent News is the leading trade publication serving African
Americans in the entertainment industry. It's not just for performers.
It's for everyone -- writers, directors, producers, filmmakers, casting
directors, agents, technicians -- and anyone working in the entertainment
field. It's published ten times a year. It features new stories about the
non-stop happenings in television, film, theatre and music including
interviews with industry movers and shakers, television and film production
charts, Q&As, how-to articles, and thought-provoking editorials. It also
features a monthly calendar of industry events, casting notices and job
opportunities listings.

Black Talent News is often affectionately referred to as the Black
Hollywood Reporter.

>Originally from: Portia E Cobb <>
>How would one subscribe to the Black Talent publication you mentioned?
>Portia Cobb
>Also, can anyone recommend titles of Black SCI-FI
The Entertainment Industry Trade Publication for African Americans
P.O. Box 7374
Culver City, CA 90233-7374
Phone: (310) 642-7658
Fax: (310) 642-7587
General Info/Subscriptions: (310) 226-2878
Events Hotline: (310) 226-8497

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