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Fri, 27 Jun 97 19:27:00 PDT

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You all might be interested in a new magazine I've discovered called "Black
Talent News" Their main mission is to provide news, information,
inspiration, education and empowerment of African Americans in the
television, film, theater and music industries; and to act as a network for
the exchange of information, linking African Americans throughout the world

and forging a community in thought and action.

It is published 10 times a year. Contact them at PO Box 7374, Culver City,
CA 90233-7374, USA. Telephone: 310-266-2878; fax 301642 7587 or email to They are also members of this
conference. Subscriptions are $21 for one year or $36 for two years, and
add $10 for overseas subscriptions. Their April 97 newsletter was 28 pages
full of information about African American entertainment industry news.

[I wrote this a week ago, but the listserver had problems, and I'm in
and behind a bit, so I realize this is a bit out of order, but...]

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