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Message from: Samuel (
About: Cisse's 'Finye'

July 28, 1997

Originally from: Samuel
Originally dated: July 28, 1997

I'm a PhD student directed by Pr.Pierre Haffner
(Universite des Sciences Humaines de Strasbourg,
France), and I'm actually working on S.Cisse (Cinq
Jours d'Une Vie, Den Muso, Baara, Finye, Yeelen

Near my "reliability run" for thesis, I would be
prepared to give an article about the famous
sequence of Finye (The Wind) where a Bambara chief
named Kansaye is refering to a "voice" through a
sacred Balanza tree.

My demonstration is leading to a cissean
definition of fiction when the exteriority of the
"modern"-ethnographical and the interiority of the
"traditional"-metaphysical looks are no more
valid: this definition is leading to a
reconception of knowledge where myth has still a
role to play. It's indeed a symbolic role. But
it's also a cinematic solution where initial and
historical practices of cinema meets the invisible
parts of african cultures; through such a Fiction
specializing discourses and enervating cliches
might be forgotten.

My article is in French for now. I could hardly
translate it in good English myself. But if anyone
wants it for a publication somewhere, I'll do what
is necessary.

Samuel Lelievre

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