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Dear Africa Cinema Conference,

Nothing like a controversial comment to stir up the embers of a sleepy
'between festivals' newsgroup, eh Steve?

Ecrans is an impressive magazine whose efforts to define and promote the
artform known as "African Cinema" are laudable, as are its efforts to
be bilingual. I do agree that the simultaneous translation is often
distracting, but the subscription appeal is way below the standard of
English in Ecrans editorial.

Some years ago I suggested to Ecrans that we at Africa Film & TV could
assist in publishing separate English and French editions, but no go. If I
have a problem with Ecrans, its with probably also with the grand notion of
"African Cinema" in that it pays scant attention to market forces, which
means that the films are made without attention to grabbing audiences.
Popular movies and TV programmes are the only path toward viability, and
sustainability, and an industry that offers jobs and employment, and
possibly towards the resistance of the Hollywood monopolisation of TV
screens and cinemas. Ecrans remains a cultural magazine, that's fine, 'cos
there is an African media business magazine out there (yes, that's us,
Africa Film & TV).

Coming from (English speaking) southern Africa, where grant funded film
making is all but unheard of, I can only marvel at the uninhibited
luxury of Ecrans, and indeed of African Cinema, and feel that it should be
supported if we can afford it. I don't need to worry on that score since we
at Africa Film & TV swap subscriptions with Ecrans.

Also, thanks Steve, for providing this newsgroup which undoubtedly assists
in the promotion of African cinema worldwide.

Russell Honeyman

PS, We've just started a new, market oriented news service here at Africa
Film & TV. Its called News Flash and comes weekly/fortnightly on Email,
post or fax. It costs US$1 per edition (minimum 12 editions) Our email
<> PTO for translation.... Our print Directory
yearbook Africa Film & TV 1997 will be published next week...get the low
down on the southern African production boom, and 3,600 contact names in
the African industry (US$24 to PO Box 6109 Harare, Zimbabwe). I think this
PS is in danger of amputation if it gets any longer, but there's plenty
more at Africa film & TV so contact us for more info..aggghhh
Africa Film & TV P.O. Box 6109
Tel+263-4-726795 Harare
Fax+263-4-726796 Zimbabwe

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