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Wed, 23 Jul 97 11:46:00 PDT

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I got an interesting letter from the Ecrans d'Afrique (African Screen)
magazine the other day that I thought might interest some of you. Here it
Dear Reader,

We are glad to let you know that "Ecrans d'Afrique/African Screen" has
reinforced its efforts to widespread the knowledge and the circulation of
this important instrument concerning African and Black Cinema.

Issuing in time will be our main aim!

First issued of '97 (no. 19) has been published in May.
The second one (no. 20) will be ready in September.
The third double issue (no. 21-22) will be ready before January 15th.

We really hope that our magazine could manage to raise your attention, for
this reason we send you the subscription form.

Best wishes from our Team.

The Management
As someone that doesn't speak French, I'm not renewing my subscription. I
find the English in the magazine a lot like the English above and too hard
to make sense of.

But if anyone wants, I'll give them my subscription form....
cheers, Steve Smith

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