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weraf@CAM.ORG wrote:
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> Originally dated: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 15:44:57 -0500
> Hi Steve,
> I am a bit disappointed of your reaction about Ecrans d'Afrique. It is
> the only cinema magazine published by the African filmmakers themselves.
> The articles are generally interesting, the interviews good and the
> layout and photographs are of professional quality. And they talk about
> the African cinema of the whole continent. I think any person who has
> made African cinema his interest, as it seems the subscribers of this
> list do, should take a subscription. The magazine has the merit, as no
> other magazine has, to keep one inform of the works, ideas, struggles,
> debates and challenges that are at the heart of the African cinema
> industry today. And as there is not that many magazines (not only in
> Africa!) who try to reach both English and French professionals of the
> cinematographic industry, it is certainly worth an encouragement.
> Rather than not renewing your subcription, maybe you should let known
> your critisism of the translation's quality to the editors, or any other
> criticism for that matter, as they are open and want their magazine to
> thrive and reach a large audience.
> The editorial staff in Ouagadougou can be reach at the following adress:
> Clement Tapsoba
> 01 B.P. 2524 Ouagadougou, O1 Burkina Faso
> Tel (226) 31 02 58
> Fax (226) 31 18 59
> or by e-mail to (Clement Tapsoba)
> Fran?oise Wera
> Vues d'Afrique
> Montreal

Dear Steve Smith,

I strongly agree the whole mail of Francoise Weyra.
Please note the new Email for reaching African Screen is now
I suggest you may let the subscribers "check" themselves the English
translation of African Screen Magazine with


Regine Yoda

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