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Hi Steve,

I hope you will not find it too hard to make sense of this letter which,
as my mother tongue is French, is certainly written in worse English
than the English translation of Ecrans d'Afrique (African Screen)!!! ;-)
I am a bit disappointed of your reaction about Ecrans d'Afrique. It is
the only cinema magazine published by the African filmmakers themselves.
The articles are generally interesting, the interviews good and the
layout and photographs are of professional quality. And they talk about
the African cinema of the whole continent. I think any person who has
made African cinema his interest, as it seems the subscribers of this
list do, should take a subscription. The magazine has the merit, as no
other magazine has, to keep one inform of the works, ideas, struggles,
debates and challenges that are at the heart of the African cinema
industry today. And as there is not that many magazines (not only in
Africa!) who try to reach both English and French professionals of the
cinematographic industry, it is certainly worth an encouragement.
Rather than not renewing your subcription, maybe you should let known
your critisism of the translation's quality to the editors, or any other
criticism for that matter, as they are open and want their magazine to
thrive and reach a large audience.

The editorial staff in Ouagadougou can be reach at the following adress:
Clement Tapsoba
01 B.P. 2524 Ouagadougou, O1 Burkina Faso
Tel (226) 31 02 58
Fax (226) 31 18 59
or by e-mail to (Clement Tapsoba)

Fran?oise Wera
Vues d'Afrique
I think it is a fine magazine, but as one who has only read the English part
of it for a couple years, I find it hard to read. Sorry, I didn't mean to
say that it was not a good magazine. I have given the address for its
subscription before in this listserver, and have encouraged people to
subscribe to it. But for English-only handicapped folks like me, it can be
hard to follow at points. The letter they sent out that I quoted is their
advertisement to try to get me and others to subscribe. I quoted it
regards, Steve Smith

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