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About: FW: QUERY: Julie Dash's *Daughter's of the Dust*

Sun, 17 Aug 97 10:27:00 PDT

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    Have you read Julie Dash's book?

    The Making of An African American Woman's Film:
    Daughters of the Dust
    with Toni Cade Bambara and bell hooks
    New Press, New York, 1990
    Distributed by W.W.Norton & Co

    I have used this book in my "Black Images in the Media"
    course at UNC Charlotte. I also include footage of Julie
    discussing "Daughters" during the Black Film Festival in
    Hong Kong in October, 1995.

    In order to understand Julie's work as a filmmaker, you need
    to look at her previous films to develop a context for
    understanding "Daughters."

    Aukram Burton
    Charlotte, NC

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