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    The best thing I know is Toni Cade Bambara's long essay, "Reading
    the Signs, Empowering the Eye: _Daughters of the Dust_ and the Black
    Independent Cinema Movement." It's in her book _Deep Sightings and Rescue
    Missions_ (Pantheon, 1996). Students (CUNY undergrad and grad) work well
    with it in thinking through the film. It's less technical than testimonio,
    Cade Bambara and Dash together as guardians of popular memory--and plangent,
    something written in the face of death. One can bring Dash and Cade Bambara
    together also by showing _Daughters of the Dust_ alongside Louis Massiah's
    _The Bombing of Osage Avenue_ (docu on the Philadelphia Move bombing), which
    Cade Bambara worked on (writing, voice-over); the films have multiple points
    of connection. I'd also underscore the point already made about working up
    to _Daughters of the Dust_ through as much earlier Julie Dash as one can get
    hold of.

    Tony O'Brien
    English, Queens College, CUNY

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