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    Southern African International Film and Television Market 1997

    Newcomers Competition
    ## Aims and objectives

    In the quest for new, innovative, imaginative and even startling
    ideas, the Southern African International Film & Television Market
    1997 has created a platform for first-time filmmakers from the
    Southern African region to submit their completed films in the
    newcomer's competition to be judged by a jury of their peers.

    The winners in the categories listed below will be awarded prizes at
    an awards ceremony to be held on the evening of the 7th November at
    the closing function of the market in Cape Town.

    ## Categories : Animation / Documentary / Fiction

    Criteria : Open to first-time filmmakers only. Entrants must be from
    the following countries: South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Swaziland,
    Lesotho, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda,
    Malawi, Namibia.

    The film must have been produced in the 1996/1997 cycle. Any length
    may be submitted. No restrictions on this. Any language film may be
    submitted - with subtitles or without.

    ## Origination

    All completed films may have been originated on 35mm, 16mm, Super
    16mm, 8mm, Super 8mm, in colour or black and white. All films may
    have been originated on video tape in Beta, Beta/SP, U-matic, hi-8 and

    ## Screening Materials

    The jury will only accept VHS/pal video cassettes for screening.
    All screening cassettes submitted for consideration must be
    accompanied by a one page synopsis in English, one page information
    sheet containing technical and artistic credits plus contact addresses
    of producer(s)/director(s) entries. A letter of authorisation of
    owners of film to have clip material from film broadcast in awards
    ceremony and other media within the market.

    ## Deadline and Schedule

    All screening cassettes must be addressed or hand delivered to:
    The SAIFTVM newcomer's competition co-ordinator:
    Nexis Cutting Rooms
    36 Rockey Street
    Bellevue East, 2198
    Johannesburg, Gauteng
    South Africa

    Tel: (+27-11) 648-1024 fax: (+27-11) 648-1527

    By no later than close of business on 5th October 1997.
    Following the jury's selection, the nominations for the newcomer's
    awards will be made known on or about the 14th October 1997. Nominees
    will be notified by telegram, fax or phone.

    ## Awards ceremony

    The awards for the nominations and winners will be handed out at a
    gala evening event on the closing night of the market.

    Southern African International Film and Television Market 1997

    Contact :
    Bev Brown - Phone (+27 11)714 3229 - Fax (+27 11)714 6551
    Sue Corbett - Phone (+27 21)480 3191 - Fax (+27 21)480 3118

    John Barker, Regional Programme
    Coordinator (Broadcasting)
    Media Institute of Southern Africa
    Private Bag 13386,
    9 Mozart Street
    Windhoek, NAMIBIA
    Tel: +264 61 232975 Fax +264 61 248016

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