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Tue, 09 Sep 97 09:05:00 PDT

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    Media for Development International (MFDI), which is the non-profit
    affiliate of DSR, Inc, has the following 16mm titles available for donation
    to any agency that can put them to good use. They were donated to us from
    an agency that no longer uses the 16mm format.

    1 x "Deck the Halls" (Time Out Series) - portrays the cycle of family
    violence... the male character reacts to daily stress with violent behavior
    at home

    1 x "End of the Road" (Acquaintance Rape Series) - illustrates how
    assertive communication can be used to avoid date rape

    2 x "Just One of the Boys" (Acquaintance Rape Series) - a portrait of gang

    3 x "A Nite Out" (Setting Limits Series) - trigger film on date rape in
    sign language specifically for the hearing impaired

    They are fairly short (maximum 20 minutes or so). Originally we had a lot
    more and were able to move most of them to good homes. These are the left
    overs. If you are interested in any of these please contact me and let me
    know your institution and how you can put them to use. The films are
    available at no cost, although shipping costs would need to be covered by
    the requesting agency.

    with regards,
    Steve Smith

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