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    SEPTEMBER 8, 1997


    The second Southern African International Film & Television Market takes
    place at the Longkloof Studios in Cape Town from November 3 - 7. The
    Objective of the five-day event is to provide a forum at which global
    film-makers, co-producers, distributors, programmers, broadcasters and
    allied industry professionals can meet and learn more about the Southern
    African entertainment industry. The event also establishes a networking
    platform to forge new relationships, exchange ideas, exhibit product,
    create business ventures and co-production partnerships.

    Nearly one thousand delegates from forty countries gathered at the first
    Market held in 1996, and the event garnered international applause for its
    level of energy and imagination, unveiling an exciting, developing industry
    on its way to making an impression in the world film market.

    Cape Town is poised to become the "Hollywood of Africa", a prime venue for
    international film and television productions, so says Eric Mika, a
    European sales director of the influential London-based Variety magazine.

    Mika, who recently visited Cape Town to prepare the way for a special
    mid-year issue of the magazine focusing on South Africa, said: "We believe
    that in the next few years, South Africa will be a prime international
    opportunity for investors in the entertainment sector".

    Mika further pointed out that, contrary to the popular conception of the
    entertainment industry as an essentially "frivolous" sector, it embraced
    the computer chip industry, every element of film, television and
    performance, and extensive investment activity.

    "The reality is that it's an industry predicted to be worth about U$503
    billion (about SAR2 250 billion) by the year 2000", Mika said but added,
    "South Africa has now become a focus of interest. What we are finding is
    that there is a golden opportunity, especially for Cape Town in becoming
    the Hollywood of Africa".

    Situated at the Southern-most tip of the African continent, Cape Town
    boasts a reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The
    Market Venue (Longkloof Studios) is the newly renovated turn-of-the-century
    warehouses in the shadow of majestic Table Mountain, just five minutes walk
    from the bustling metropolis city centre, major hotels and fine
    international restaurants.

    Nature reserves, hiking trails, sun-drenched beaches, breath-taking views
    and the world famous Cape wine routes are within easy reach, as are many
    historical and cultural landmarks, like Robben Island and the Cape of Good

    Southern Africa region, which includes South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia,
    Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique, is rapidly developing as an exciting new
    player in the international entertainment arena, offering not only
    spectacular locations, but a wealth of stories, talent, facilities, world
    class crews and infrastructure.

    Supportive of the industry is the South African government which has
    indicated an unprecedented commitment to supporting the growth of the film
    and television industry and its emerging generation of film-makers and
    nurturing South Africa as a cultural haven.

    The Market Programme will include:

    * Program Market - for domestic, regional and international
    broadcast/television programming executives and distributors.
    * Co-Production Market - a forum of seminars, meetings and pitching
    sessions ("Blind Date") that will bring together international producers
    and Southern African projects to establish co-production partnerships.
    * African Focus - a showcase of completed product in all format from the
    African continent. This important segment of the Market highlights the
    unique character of film on this continent.
    * British Film School - the 3 day intensive seminar will provide practical
    training in development and packaging, production and finance, marketing
    and distribution.
    * Newcomers Competition - an opportunity for first time Southern African
    film-makers to submit their work, in all formats, and categories including
    fiction and documentary. A jury of peers will judge the entries for the
    Awards Ceremony at the Market's closing function. This event will create
    an incentive for regional first time film-makers who historically have not
    had the opportunity to have their work recognised or awarded.
    * International Director's Week - for the film "worshippers" - will attract
    relatively unseen, but high quality work from Directors around the globe,
    including Africa. This segment aims to create access to the world of film,
    and provide distribution opportunities for the screened titles.
    * Animation Segment - The launch of a South African Animation Guild at the
    Market, and International Animation Demonstration is currently being
    explored. Members of the global animation industry will be targeted to
    participate at the event to showcase product and contribute to seminars and

    Other Knowledge Building / Global Trends will be shared through a series of
    seminars, workshops and conferences.

    The Market Co-ordinator, Bev Brown,
    Tel: +2711 714-3229 / 714-3215;
    Fax: +2711 714-6551 / 714-3275.

    Tel: +2721 480-3191 Fax: +27-21480-3101,
    Or the Market Director, Dezi Rorich, Tel: +2711 442-4790
    Fax: +2711 447-2111,
    Or the Chief Executive Officer, John Stodel,
    Tel: +2711 714-3229 / 714-3215 Fax: +2711 714-3275.
    John Barker, Regional Programme
    Coordinator (Broadcasting)
    Media Institute of Southern Africa
    Private Bag 13386,
    9 Mozart Street
    Windhoek, NAMIBIA
    Tel: +264 61 232975 Fax +264 61 248016

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