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Mon, 22 Sep 1997 07:05:01 -0700 (PDT)

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    Originally dated: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 07:05:01 -0700 (PDT)

    Dear Prof. Tomaselli:

    Thank you for your commentary on the east African documentary in
    development. Your specific comments were much needed, your voice is
    critical for us in the daily battle to define and claim our own
    images and retrace our history. I would like to take this opportunity to
    ask you if you would like to be interviewed for Ecrans d'Afrique/African
    Screen, I am a feature writer very interested on your thoughts for film
    and storytelling in the African context. We can conduct the
    interview via email and discuss an issue you feel you want to address
    regarding the current dialogue in Africa and disaporan film.

    I will briefly introduce myself. My name is Wabei
    Siyolwe and I am a southern African graduate film student persuing an MA
    in Producing Film and Video and developing my first feature entitled
    "exiles". Please return mail to this mailbox. I look forward to hearing
    from you at your earliest convenience.

    Wabei Siyolwe
    global posse productions, inc
    6805 Bonnie Ridge Drive #202
    Baltimore MD 21209
    Tel/FAX: 410 415 6631

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