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About: QUERY: A PLEA FOR HELP with East Africa quotes

Mon, 25 Aug 1997 19:58:49 +0200

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    Whilst I am sure the film through explorer's eyes could be very interesting
    and evocative of a particular experience of Africa I find the assumption in
    your request that all the explorers encountered were 'the place the
    landscape the wildlife' a little disturbing. What of the people who were
    living there when the explorers/settlers/travellers arrived? Was there no
    emotional response to them or were they merely landscape or perhaps

    If you are keen to follow up their thoughts/emotional responses there are
    very likely to be wonderful songs/poems/tales in the oral tradition which
    would reflect a strong sense of what it felt like to have
    settlers/travellers/explorers making their way into your life.

    As a film-maker born and bred in Africa and keen to see the development of
    films which tell stories from our perspective it hurts to perceive the
    assumptions in your request. I hope you will explore local perspectives as
    well in your story.

    >Originally from: Amber Vogel <>
    >Originally dated: Sun, 24 Aug 97 11:03:00 PDT
    >Sender: owner-african-cinema-conference
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    >I am currently producing a film on the history of exploration of East
    > Africa for the BBC Natural History Unit in the U.K. The film is for a
    > series called 'Being There', that uses the writings of explorers and
    > others, set to natural history footage, to paint an atmospheric
    > portrait of a continent, and its wildlife, as seen through the eyes of
    > the explorers.
    >I am looking for beautifully written, evocative quotes from explorers,
    > travellers / settlers, who have written about their experiences in
    > East Africa (Kenya / Tanzania).
    >I am particularly interested in quotes that describe the author's
    > emotional response to the place, to the landscape, or to the wildlife.
    > The idea of the film is to evoke a sense of what it is, or was, like
    > to be in East Africa.
    >If you have a favourite quote, or piece of writing that you think would
    > be suitable, please let me know.
    >I'd love to hear from you. Please send your thoughts to me by e-mail
    > at :
    >Thank you in advance for your help and interest in the project.
    >Sarah Byatt.
    > (Producer, 'Being There', BBC Natural History Unit, Bristol, UK)
    >(This message was kindly forwarded to you, on my behalf, by Amber
    > Vogel, who is currently helping me with research for the film.)
    >Amber Vogel
    >The Journal of African Travel-Writing
    bridget thompson 101

    woodstock, 7925

    cape town
    south africa

    tel: (27 +21)7881008, fax: (27 +21)7882442

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