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About: FW: Query: In God's Places-- Film of Rock Art

Mon, 22 Sep 97 09:32:00 PDT

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    Originally from: Eli Bentor <>
    Originally dated: Mon, 22 Sep 97 09:32:00 PDT

    In looking for films on rock art I came across a description of this
    film and wondered if anybody out there has seen it and can share his/her
    opinion about it. Is this film appropriate for college level course on
    African Art? Are there other films on African rock art that are
    suitable for teaching?

    _Lindawo Zikathixo: In God's Places_ by Irene Staehelin and Richard
    Wicksteed, color, 52 min. 1997. The video is available in the US from
    Documentary Educational Resources for $195 purchase or $50 rental.

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