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Wed, 24 Sep 97 08:40:00 PDT

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    African Studies Association (USA)
    Annual Meeting Nov 13 - 16
    Columbus, Ohio

    The African Studies Association (USA) is pleased to announce
    that the preliminary program for the 40th (1997) Annual Meeting
    in Columbus, Ohio is now available on the ASA web page.

    Please note that the deadlines for preregistration and program
    corrections have been extended to October 10, 1997.

    Note also that the October 12, 1997 cut-off date for hotel
    reservations has NOT change. We urge you NOT to wait for the
    print version of the preliminary program and to book your hotel
    rooms as soon as possible.

    For hotel and travel information, see General Information in
    the preliminary program.

    The Association wishes to thank Dr. Ali Dinar (Center for
    African Studies, University of Pennsylvania and president of the
    Electronic Technology Group of the ASA) for help with site

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