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    Here are some other films for children, I believe most of them have
    english version or subtitles.

    The Cora Player, by Celia Sawadogo, 1996, animation (6min)

    Keita, l'hUritage du griot by Dani KouyatU, Burkina Faso 94 min 1995

    Rabi, by Gaston KaborU, Burkina Faso (60 min)

    Gombele, by Issa TraorU de Brahima,1994, Burkina Faso (30 min)

    Yiri Kan by Issiaka Konate, Burkina Faso, 30 min

    L'enfant et le ca?man and L'oeuf by Mustapha Dao, both animation 20
    min, Burkina Faso

    L'enfant terrible by Kadiatou Konate (Mali) 1994, 11 min, animation

    Fran?oise Wera
    Vues d'Afrique
    Montreal, Canada TUl : (514) 284-3322 fax (514) 845-0631

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