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Tue, 30 Sep 97 10:15:00 PDT

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    Southern African International Film and Television Market 1997
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    In line with its objectives to create a significant global profile for
    product completed on the African continent, and a platform for
    potential sales and distribution, the Southern African International
    Film & Television Market puts its strength and resources behind
    filmmakers on the continent by ensuring AFRICAN FOCUS is a highlight
    of the Market.

    >From experience of the 1996 Market it became clear that because we are
    a developing Market, international buyers are not necessarily aware of
    the selection, originality and quality of programming and features we
    have to offer. AFRICAN FOCUS provides an opportunity for you to enter
    your product in this segment - which is integral to creating a strong
    identity for our films.

    How Does It Work?

    If you are a filmmaker from the African Continent and have already
    reserved Market Screenings which will be held at the Labia Theatre for
    35mm, 16mm and Video Projection - your title will appear on the Market
    Screening Schedule - highlighted as an "AFRICAN FOCUS" entry. If you
    have not, or do not wish to book a screening in the above-mentioned
    formats, you are invited to complete the attached AFRICAN FOCUS
    Registration Form and your product (in VHS cassette format) will be
    available for viewing at the AFRICAN FOCUS stand, situated at the
    KwaNhlangano Stand at the Market Venue, where the following services
    will be available:

    *African Focus Catalogue in which all programs and titles will be
    indexed by genre
    *African Focus Library of VHS cassettes.
    *Screening Booths to screen Product on request by buyers visiting the
    KwaNhlangano Stand.
    *Co-ordinators to facilitate and process queries from buyers or
    possible co- production partners, and put these parties in touch
    with each other.
    *A global mail shot issued by the Market Organisers to all Market
    delegates two weeks prior to the Market informing them of African
    Focus and KwaNhlangano.
    *Listing in the Official Market Guide - highlighting an African Focus

    >From the entries that are received, 5 x 35mm Titles will be selected
    by a Selection Committee for evening Premiere Screenings at the Labia
    Theatre. In order to qualify for consideration in this selection, the
    films must meet the following criteria:

    * The film must be at least 70 mins in Length, and must be
    * Principal Photography no earlier than 1996.
    * The film must have been made on the African Continent.

    Send Submission Forms, Registration Fee, Press Kit, Synopsis, VHS
    Cassette (or 35mm print if eligible for Entry in Premiere Section) to:

    Carmel Adonis
    African Focus Co-ordinator
    Southern African Film & Television Market Office
    P O Box 1176
    Auckland Park, 2006
    Tel: +27-11-714-3229/3215 Fax: +27-11-714-6551/3275


    (Please fill out one form per product entry)

    Title: __________________________

    Genre: _________________________


    Country of Origin: _______________________________________

    Running Time: ______________

    Director: ____________________

    Producer/s: ________________________________________________________



    Cast: _______________

    Date Film Completed Principal Photography:

    Copyright Owner: _____________________

    Industry/Festival Screenings: ____________________

    What Rights are Available?

    Domestic Theatrical
    Domestic Television (Pay & Broadcast)
    Foreign Theatrical
    Foreign Other

    Cost per product entry - R100.00
    Sub-Total R100.00
    Add 14% VAT R14.00
    TOTAL R114.00

    TERMS OF PAYMENT (Please Tick One)
    Wire Transfer
    Credit Card (Amex/Master/Visa)
    (No Diners Club cards accepted)

    Wire Transfer Details:
    Bank: Volkskas Bank
    Branch: Auckland Park
    Acc No: 40-50-01-51-86
    Sort Code: 33-51-05
    Swift Code: ABSA ZAJJ

    If making a deposit or wire transfer, please supply the Market Office
    with proof of payment.

    Credit Card No:

    Name of Holder:

    Security Code:
    (4 digits on back of card)
    Passport/Identity Number:


    I hereby authorise the Film & TV Market to debit my credit card
    for the amount due.



    Southern African International Film and Television Market 1997

    Contact :
    Bev Brown - Phone (+27 11)714 3229 - Fax (+27 11)714 6551
    Sue Corbett - Phone (+27 21)480 3191 - Fax (+27 21)480 3118

    John Barker, Regional Programme
    Coordinator (Broadcasting)
    Media Institute of Southern Africa
    Private Bag 13386,
    9 Mozart Street
    Windhoek, NAMIBIA
    Tel: +264 61 232975 Fax +264 61 248016

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