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About: FW: Distribution of African films in Africa

September 30, 1997

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    Originally from: Manu Herbstein
    Originally dated: September 30, 1997

    In July I sent an e-mail message to California
    Newsreel of San Francisco (
    which contained the following:

    My wife runs her own furniture business (in Accra,
    Ghana) . . . She has an idea that she might
    sponsor a series of African and African American
    films on the local television station. Is this a
    practical possibility? If so, would you please let
    me have some idea of the logistics and the cost?

    Steve Guy replied:
    Unfortunately we do not have the rights to
    distribute our material in GHANA. We wish you
    luck however.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to who might have both
    (a) a catalog comparable with that of California
    Newsreel and (b) distribution rights for Ghana?

    Manu Herbstein
    We do at DSR. Contact me Steve Smith,

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