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Wed, 01 Oct 97 14:04:00 PDT

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    Originally dated: Wed, 01 Oct 97 14:04:00 PDT

    Does anyone know where she can get this?
    cheers, Steve Smith
    Dear Steve:
    I am a professor at Bloomsburg University of PA and am organizing a film
    series here in spring. I got your e-mail from the Michigan State African
    StudiesCenter and hope you can help.

    We are looking for the film ASIENTOS (film by Francoi Woukoache) (Subtitle
    Le silences des ames mortes). I would appreciate it if you could tell me how
    can acquire this film, preferably on video format or how we can rent it if
    it is not for sale.

    Looking forward to your reply!
    Brigitte Callay

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