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Wed, 29 Oct 97 13:02:00 PST

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    VUES D'AFRIQUE is pleased to announce the launching of a new branch of its
    activities, the PADIAVA, French acronym for "Support Programme for the
    Development of African Audiovisual Industry," with funding from the Canadian

    International Development Agency (CIDA).

    Initiated in close collaboration with the Pan African Federation of Film
    Makers (FEPACI), the long term goal of the PADIAVA is the production and
    distribution of African films and TV programs with a popular appeal,
    especially to young audiences.

    For the next two years, the PADIAVA's activities will focus on the following

    sectors: scriptwriting, organizational structuring of African private
    companies, advanced training in production, support for promotion and
    distribution in Africa and in Canada.

    In 1996-1997, the PADIAVA will fund the organization by FEPACI of a
    scriptwriting workshop for TV series and drama; it will also contribute to
    the financing of the Ecrans d' Afrique/African Screen magazine. The Pan
    African Film Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO) will also receive a technical

    assistance grant from the PADIAVA for its next edition. A joint committee,
    with a representative of the FEPACI and African and Canadian professionals,
    will meet next April, to award grants to African production companies for
    the purchase of computer software for production and grants for the
    marketing of feature films.

    Finally, the PADIAVA will continue to the acquisition of television and
    non-commercial rights for some African films in Canada.

    For more information on the PADIAVA, please contact
    Ms. Francoise Wera
    67 St. Catherine St. W., 5th floor
    Montreal, Quebec, H2X 1Z7, Canada
    Tel. (1) 514-284-3322
    Fax (1) 514-845-0631

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