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Fri, 31 Oct 1997 10:18:16 -0800 (PST)

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    Some comments on the PADIAVA press release received today trough the
    conference. I am surprised to read it as it is more than a year old!!!
    We are starting the second year of the Program. During the first year,
    the FEPACI held a scriptwriting for television workshop in Ouagadougou
    during the month of June with 12 people from different african
    francophone countries, Ecrans d'Afrique (Africa Screen) received a
    grant, a Committee met in April to grant some softwares to 16 different
    production companies from the whole continent and some grants were
    awarded to five filmakers to help them produce a movie trailer for the
    distribution of their film in Africa. There was also some help for the
    conference on Cinema and Television for Youth and Children held during
    the last FESPACO. This year the Fepaci will organize a scriptwriting
    worshop in English sometimes in the Spring and the other programs will
    be renewed. We (The FEPACI and Vues d'Afrique) will advertise the
    different activities in due time to reach as many African producers as
    possible. We are pleased of the work done this year and are looking
    forward to continue this cooperation between the FEPACI and Vues

    Vues d'Afrique is well into the preparation of the 14th Edition of The
    African and Creole Films Week,(Les JournUes du cinUma africain et
    crUole) which will be held April 23 to May 3rd 1998 in Montreal. We
    usually show more than 140 documents, ranging from African feature
    lenght films, shorts, television programs, videoclips to films and
    videos from all over the world about African or creole countries.
    Even if our main selection is in French, we now have a special and good
    selection in English. We also have a small program of films from
    francophone countries from the south. To make our festival unique, we
    also have some live shows from African or Creole artists leaving in
    Canada, arts exhibition, good african food, etc.

    You can get more informations at the adress below. Or you can visit our
    Website at Last year's whole program is
    there with information on each film.

    A wink ;-) to Steve... For the second time in 1998, Penecost School, an
    American language school, is offering a French immersion course in
    Montreal during the Festival. Among their activities, the students see
    the films everydays and meet the filmakers during special class
    sessions. Isn't it a good way to improve your French?

    Fran?oise Wera

    67 St. Catherine St. W., 5th floor
    Montreal, Quebec, H2X 1Z7, Canada
    Tel. (1) 514-284-3322
    Fax (1) 514-845-0631
    website :
    Opps, sorry it was such old news. I copied it out of a Africa Screen
    magazine I just got as it looked like such useful news for us all. Thanks
    for the update though. Also what a great way to learn French. Maybe even
    I could learn with lessons like that! cheers, Steve Smith, moderator

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