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Mon, 1 Dec 1997 07:07:51 -0800 (PST)

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    > From: Jonathan M Haynes <>
    > re: African film institutes or universities with film programs.
    > In Nigeria there is the National Film Institute in Jos, which is
    > associated with the Nigerian Film Corporation. This is a new
    > operation, but they have been giving short courses for a couple of
    > years,
    > and are now offering a diploma
    > program. They are also formalizing a relationship with the University
    > of
    > Ibadan. Address: 14B Thomas Didel Drive, Liberty Boulevard, P.O. Box
    > 693, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. fax (which usualy doesn't work):
    > 234 73
    > 468 233. The number in the office of the Consulting Director, Dr.
    > Hyginus
    > Ekwuazi: 234 73 461 199.
    > There is also a television school in Jos, also run by the government,
    > which basicaly services the Nigerian Television Authority.
    > In Lagos Mainframe Film and Television Productions, which is the
    > outfit of
    > Tunde Kelani, one of the best Nigerian film and video directors, has
    > started a training academy called the Frame Institute. This is also a
    > new
    > venture, and does not offer academic credentials. tel. 234 1 493
    > 7039,
    > email 16 Seinde Callisto
    > Crescent, P.O. Box 4385, Oshodi, Lagos.
    > It is possible to study film in Theatre Arts departments at various
    > of the Nigerian universities,
    > up to the Ph.D level, though the programs are all woefully
    > underequipped
    > and understaffed. The University of Ibadan is or was the best, though
    > at
    > this moment more or less none of the faculty in media studies are
    > around.
    > Other Nigerian universities which offer at least some film courses and
    > sponsor BA long essays and graduate theses on film include Jos, Benin,
    > Calabar, and Port Harcourt. There probably are some others -- for
    > instance OAU in Ife used to have the filmmaker Bankole Bello on the
    > faculty.. I don't know of any departments that are equipped to give
    > much
    > practical training at all.
    > Jonathan Haynes

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