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    > cross posted from H-NET List for African Literature and Cinema
    > From: Emmanuel Yewah, Albion
    > From: Manu Herbstein <>
    > Editor's note: SUBJECT should read: FYI (Ghana video features)
    > After posting a list of made-in-Ghana video features recently, I had
    > several private e-mail requests for details as to how to obtain
    > them.
    > Then my hard disk crashed and I lost most of the messages before I
    > had
    > time to reply. So I am posting a reply here. I hope that it will be
    > of
    > broader interest.
    > The only source I know of is a firm called Hacky Films Ltd. I rang
    > them and they faxed me a list of what they have in stock at present.
    > Unfortunately, only the names, no further details. There appears to
    > be little
    > overlap with my earlier list. This suggests to me that most of these
    > films were
    > made quite recently.
    > This material is almost certainly of historical interest. I hope
    > that someone in Ghana is taking the trouble to keep archive copies,
    > but I
    > fear that this might not be the case. There must be material here
    > for at
    > least one PhD dissertation but anyone interested had better move
    > quickly
    > before the doucments disappear for ever.
    > Here is the list of the 53 films: Ghost Tears, Matters of the Heart,
    > Lover's Blues, Sgt.Abebrese, Divine Intervention, Loving You, Fatal
    > Decision, Bitter Results, Naomi I & II, Sarah I & II, Dirty Tears I
    > & II,
    > It's Too Late I & II, Police Officer II, You Can't Laugh I & II,
    > Woman in
    > Love I & II, 6 Lovers of Melody, A Better Tomorrow, Whose Fault? I &
    > II, No
    > One Knows, Not Without, Step Dad, Lady's Choice, Never Again,
    > Selina,
    > Heart Breakers, Supi, Candidate for Hell, Cross Fire, Come Back
    > Lucy, Stand By Me, Tears of Joy, Young Blood, Born Against, Twin
    > Lovers, Prisoner, Agent, Bitter Love, Who Killed Nancy?, Maama Mia,
    > Mother's Revenge, Beyond Suspicion, Let's Love Again, Only Mothers
    > Can Tell, When the Going Gets Tough, U-Turn, Abrantee.
    > They cost US$15 each plus postage, which will depend on the number
    > of
    > films ordered. Hacky can supply them in NTSC format if so
    > requested. They
    > do not
    > accept payment by credit card. To order, fax a request for an
    > invoice and
    > ask for particulars of their bank account in Accra; then send a
    > remittance with a confirmation to Hacky.
    > Hacky Films can be reached on fax at (233 21) 660944 and tel/fax at
    > (233 21) 668203.
    > Manu Herbstein, P O Box C697, Accra, Ghana.
    > Tel (233 21) 773978 Fax (233 21) 774283
    > E-mail:

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