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Mon, 15 Dec 1997 13:16:37 -0800 (PST)

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    > Subject: FW: Amistad--Hollywood and African History
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    > From: Emmanuel Yewah, Albion
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    > While the historical record has long been available (albeit not
    > widely known), Steven Spielberg's movie, "Amistad", is publicly
    > acknowledging the relevance of black African heritage prior to the
    > slave trade. As one critic recently wrote, Amistad " is about
    > connections of politics, and lives in Africa, America, and Europe."
    > For those who have already seen the movie, please comment on the
    > contemporary significance ( if any) of this film on any or all of
    > the following:
    > (i) relations between African and African-Americans
    > (ii) the current political standoff in Sierra Leone,
    > (iii) the movement for greater democracy in subSaharan Africa, and
    > (iv) the validation of African traditional beliefs.

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