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    > From: Gretchen Walsh <>
    > I haven't seen the film yet, but last spring did see a splendid play
    > based
    > on the Amistad directed by a Sierra Leonean who was a Humphrey Fellow
    > at
    > BU. I subsequently did a small bibliography of books about the
    > Amistad,
    > which is far from comprehensive (I only gathered what we had at BU,
    > and
    > then put the project aside, intending on doing more extensive research
    > when I had more time.... you know how that goes)
    > I'd be glad to share what I have - I just have to translate it from
    > Procite to Word and ftp it.
    > I think that this film offers a very good opportunity for teaching and
    > thinking.
    > Gretchen Walsh
    > African Studies Library
    > Boston University
    > 771 Commonwealth Avenue
    > Boston, MA 02215
    > 617-353-3726
    > FAX 617-353-2084

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