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    > xposted from H-AFRLITCINE@H-NET.MSU.EDU
    > From: Marylee S. Crofts, Bentley College
    > mcrofts@LNMTA.BENTLEY.EDU
    > I have used Sembene's Camp de Thiaroye and Borom
    > Sarret in my general, introductory African
    > history course. The problem with Sembene is that
    > his films are not on video; he will not permit it,
    > so they must be purchased or rented for one-time
    > showings only. Purchase is better if the usage
    > warrants.
    > For history homweork, I also use Basil Davidson's
    > "Africa" series on video,
    > selected videos by Mazrui, and the old, excellent
    > Kenyan trilogy called
    > "Black Man's Land," which includes "White Man's
    > Country," "Mau Mau," and "Kenyatta." I also use
    > "You Have Struck a Rock" for the South African
    > women's resistance movements. An introductory
    > film on the impact of the IMF is "Debt Crisis: An
    > African Dilemma" which focusses on the effects in
    > Zambia of structural adjustments in the 1980s.
    > I cannot use the more literary or artistic films,
    > as my class is
    > predominantly freshmen; I must stick to the
    > basics.
    > I would appreciate others making suggestions too.
    > Icarus distributes The Debt Crisis sale = $175
    > I do not know where the library purchased the
    > others, probably from
    > California Newsreel.

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